AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System puts over a decade of OE and aftermarket flex fuel management experience in your hands, with patented technology that allows anyone to take advantage of inexpensive, low emission renewable ethanol fuels in their car, truck or SUV with simple, DIY installation.  Drive cleaner with an affordable, easy to install E85 flex fuel system from EZ Flex Fuel.  We’re saving the planet while saving you money, one gallon at a time.


What is a flex fuel system

A flex fuel system allows a vehicle to run E85, gas, or any blend of ethanol and gas seamlessly without any user input required. The patented AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System does this in real-time with no latency while maximizing power gains no matter the fuel blend.

Are your systems really plug and play?

- All AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management Systems are complete plug and play systems that can be installed by you or your shop in about an hour with few exceptions. No other parts or tuning is required. Period. Plug it in, close your hood, add E85. We like to say our product is a “third grader level” installation job because it is that easy.  All of our fuel fittings, wiring harnesses and electronic components are OE quality and made with DIY installation in mind.

Can I still run gas?

- Yes, we only make true adaptive flex fuel solutions. This means you can still run gas, E85, or any mix. You can switch fuels anytime without doing anything but opening your gas door and pumping whichever fuel you want. It’s that simple, nothing up our sleeve, nothing behind the curtain.

Why should I run E85?

E85, a blend of ethanol and gasoline, has several advantages over gas. Ethanol is a renewable fuel made in the USA from corn by-products and is less expensive than gasoline per gallon, reducing fuel costs.  It also burns far cleaner than gasoline, reducing harmful emissions that pollute the air.  

E85 also cools engine and oil operating temperatures, cleans your engine internals, and prevents knock, extending engine life.  

E85 makes more horsepower than gasoline in all applications, so your vehicle will have a little more pep.

Using E85 reduces fuel costs, cuts harmful emissions, is renewable and keeps your engine running longer and stronger.  What’s not to like?

What if I have a tune or plan to get one?

- The AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System is 100% compatible with all stock and performance gas tunes and will automatically adjust when changing the tune, so you can run the tune you have now or make changes whenever you want.

Will I make more Horsepower with your system and E85?

EZ FlexFuel is one of the few companies that successfully marries environmental responsibility with performance.  Your engine will make 7-10% more horsepower when running the Amaize flex fuel system with E85 while reducing harmful emissions and supporting renewable energy initiatives.  A little more pep without polluting is a win-win for our customers and for the world we live in.  Enjoy your extra horsepower guilt free with Amaize and clean burning E85.

Will E85 damage my fuel system?

No, E85 will not damage your fuel system. The only thing that ethanol fuels don’t get along with is natural rubber.  Ethanol is an alcohol, which dries out rubber.  In the 1980s all car manufacturers removed natural rubber from their fuel systems to address ethanol fuels, replacing natural rubber with ethanol compatible synthetics.  Your fuel system was made for E85.

Do I have to run gas periodically?

- We get this question a lot and the answer is, no. With an AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System you are welcome to run gas anytime you want to, but it is also just fine to run E85 every day, all the time for the life of the vehicle. E85 is clean, burns cooler than gas and when managed properly with an EZ Flex Fuel™ system is 100% safe for your engine.

Can I tune and modify my vehicle with an Amaize flex fuel system?

- Many of our customers want to tune their car or make bolt-on power improvements.  The AMAIZE system makes it simple.

Your stock tune is fine but if you want to make changes the system is also compatible with any performance gas tune. When you visit your tuning shop put gas in the tank and have them install their best 91/93 tune the same way they always do. The AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System was specifically designed to stay out of your tuner’s way so they can do what they always do without making accommodations for our system.

Ethanol fuels have a very high octane equivalent to gas and are very knock stable. However, E85 is a completely different fuel from gasoline and does not depend on timing for making power. We have tested many tunes and timing settings on the dyno and what we have found is that a good gas tune makes the most power when you are running gas and when you run E85. Running a good pump gas tune with the AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System means your car will still be “flexible”, that is, you will still be able to fill up with either fuel and have safe, high horsepower performance.  Your tuner can reach out anytime with questions by emailing info@ezflexfuel.com.

As for bolt-ons, you can literally add any power adders you want and the EZ flex fuel system will work just the way it always does.

NOTE:  E85 requires a higher volume of fuel delivery than gasoline.  While all gas tunes and power adders are fine with our systems, it is up to you to make sure your injectors and/or fuel pump can safely deliver the required fuel.  Running E85 with insufficient fuel delivery to support your power adders can result in a lean condition that can damage your engine.  Make sure to talk with your builder about the possible need for fuel system upgrades to support your build.

Why is The EZ Flex Fuel System the best way to run E85?

- First of all, all E85 is not equal. When you go to the pump your E85 is going to be somewhere between 51% and 83% ethanol. That’s the federal standard. To run E85 safely and get the most power the fuel volume at the injector (fuel load) needs to be precisely indexed to the ethanol percentage. If it is not, you can either run dangerously lean and burn a piston or you can run rich and wash your cylinder walls which will cause piston ring failure and cylinder wall scoring. Not good.
- An “E85 tune” is a dinosaur in the industry. An E85 tune is good for one thing; 85% ethanol, which as we’ve explained, you will never get at the pump. Essentially, an E85 tune is only for cars that run barrel grade race fuel that is guaranteed to be exactly 85% ethanol. If you want to go to the pump for your E85, or run gas sometimes, an E85 tune is a terrible idea and will definitely (DEFINITELY!) damage your engine. Our patented AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System technology was developed specifically to solve the problem of the engine damage and reduced life expectancy caused by E85 tunes.
- There are also “wide band” systems that work off of your oxygen sensor data to try to correct the rich/lean condition caused by differences in fuel content. The time it takes to adjust to changes in fuel content is called latency. For comparison, a wide band or “flex tune” can have latency for as much as hundreds of miles. The AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System works in real time and has zero latency. In short, wide band systems are painfully slow, nearly always incorrect and will definitely cause your engine to fail prematurely. Again, we are not saying wide band doesn’t work, but it is a terribly slow and inaccurate way to handle flex fuel and with the AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System available there is no reason to settle for something that works half as well and generally costs more.

The AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System is the most sophisticated and accurate way to run E85 and it is patented. We developed this unique technology to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

The key to injector performance is the most complete atomization of the fuel possible while delivering precisely measured fuel volume. Our patented Digital Injector Management™ (DIM™) is incredibly fast and accurate, meaning we can control your injectors much more precisely than your ECU/PCM, which uses slower analogue duty cycle signals. DIM delivers fuel loads more accurately than any other system, with the ability to digitally manipulate both injector pulse duration and speed allowing for better atomization and improving performance.  The accuracy of DIM in the AMAIZE Fuel Management System improves fuel mileage, reduces unburned fuel for lower emissions, and is the most accurate system to make the most of E85.

Our FuelSense™ technology measures content in real time with a 30 microsecond refresh rate and zero latency, meaning the system is always 100% correct no matter what fuel you are running and is seamlessly compatible with gas tunes and power adders.

Simply put, the AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System does exactly what it is supposed to do in real time with no monitoring, flashing, upgrading or measuring. It is the only flex fuel system like it in the world. There is simply no more accurate and reliable way to maximize efficiency and engine safety than the AMAIZE™ Flex Fuel Management System. And it is made in the USA.